Sweaty Feet No More: How to Keep Feet From Sweating In Hunting Boots

Having sweaty feet can lead to bacteria and fungus, resulting in itching, peeling, foul odor, and foot pain. Here are some tips that can teach one how to keep feet from sweating in hunting boots

Most people love the outdoors, from swimming in lakes to hunting deers; people are creative in relaxing and enjoying their vacation or just unwinding from stress, but one of the problems people often face is sweaty feet. 

When going outdoors, one must be comfortable walking freely or trail since being relaxed decreases the injury rate, but some people’s biggest problem is sweaty feet. As someone who loves the outdoors, one must wear comfortable shoes like hunting boots, but people like police officers, soldiers, hunters, or outdoorsy people experience sweaty feet. 

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Choose the proper footwear or boots.

There are different types of footwear available in the market; if a person works or is placed in a high-temperature environment with zero to little chance of encountering paddles, one must avoid buying waterproof boots and opt for hunting boots with insulators.

While if a person is located in a warmer location, opt for well-ventilated and lightweight shoes wherein the feet can breathe and are less likely to make the feet sweat. 

As a buyer, choosing the proper hunting boots that are suitable for their location is vital. It teaches one how to keep feet from sweating in hunting boots and teaches one the importance of having the right pair for their feet. 

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Apply Foot Powders

Even though foot powders are unpopular, it helps in keeping the feet cool and fresh. It is suggested to wear foot powder if the feet have mild to moderate foot sweat. The instructions for this are straightforward. 

Before applying the powder, one must wipe the sweaty feet and use the foot powder directly to the feet before putting the socks on. The powder would absorb the extra sweat moisture that the feet have. 

Wear sweat-absorbent socks

One of the most popular materials used for socks is cotton, but it is not suitable for people who have sweaty feet. Even if the person already opted for lightweight boots and still experienced sweating, one must be vigilant about their socks. 

The socks should keep the moisture away from the feet to prevent foul odor. Socks that have the materials of polyester, wool, and several combinations of substances must be corporated in the socks so that a person would know how to keep feet from sweating in hunting boots.

Also, having an extra pair of socks is highly suggested to help one feel comfortable and less irritable when experiencing sweaty feet. 

Use foot deodorants and antiperspirants

Aside from foot powders, the market also has products that can cater to the sweaty feet situation. There are products like spray-on antiperspirant that are used before lacing up those hunting boots. 

The instructions defer per bottle, but spraying them six inches away from the feet would ensure a light-balanced coat. If the user is not comfortable with sprays, there are also roll-ons, sticks, gels, but they are not as effective as the spray antiperspirant.

Take it off

After a long hard day, one must relax and chill down. Wearing shoes is like breathing; imagine being in the ocean and the swimmer does not catch their breath for a moment; this is what the feet feel after a long day of wearing hunting boots. 

Take the shoes and socks off, let the feet relax, and breathe. Taking them off two to three times a day helps comfort the feet and prevents an athlete’s foot and foul odor. There are tons of ways on how to keep feet from sweating in hunting boots, and if one followed, this would help in slowly having dry feet. 

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