The 5 Best Electric Hunting Bikes

E-bikes have become part of a hunter’s handy essentials when hunting. So, just as you tediously pick your hunting gear, there are also a few factors you need to consider when getting yourself a trusty e-bike.

As a hunter, you want to make sure your e-bike is there to aid your hunt and not mess with it. Therefore, you must look at the motor, drivetrain, bike frame, battery, suspension support, tires, and brakes. Comfort is also another factor, so you must consider the grips, the pedals, and the saddle as well! These will be your guide to choosing the best electric hunting bikes.

Backou Mule Elite Hunter Package

Backou Mule Elite Hunter Package

The Backou Mule Elite provides speed and power for hunters out there. So if you need to cover a lot of ground in minutes, this e-bike will do the job. It can easily make its way through steep or rocky terrain, making it a helpful hunting companion.

This bike is a high-performing e-bike that uses a Smart Torque-Sensing motor, so you can easily change between 750W and 1,000W to get the power you need. It has it all – from power, speed, comfort, safety, and functionality. Additionally, the package comes with waterproof saddlebags, a trailer, front lights, a rear rack, and more! The frame is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, which makes it very sturdy. However, this bike is on the heavier side, but it doesn’t matter with all the benefits you get.

For those looking for a bike that lives up to the hype, the Backou Mule Elite Hunter Package certainly will not disappoint.

2021 QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

2021 QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

With an 8-speed drivetrain, 11.6AH Panasonic battery, and a hub-drive motor, the 2021 QuiteKat Ranger e-bike is a force to be reckoned with. This baby can easily reach 20mph whenever you need it to, despite the fat tires. Moreover, it can handle hills and rocky terrain very smoothly. What’s more, is that it’s very comfortable to use. The e-bike has a padded seat for extra comfort. You won’t be having a hard time hunting using this e-bike!

Users of this bike can choose between the geared version or the single-speed version anytime. Plus, depending on your preference, the e-bike’s motor comes in 700W and 1,000W! Moreover, the QuietKat Ranger has the longevity and power to accompany you on your hunting trips. 

You are in for a nice and fun ride with the QuietKat Ranger. Although it might take some figuring out to assemble the bike, it’s doable enough. 

Bakcou Storm G2 Electric Hunting Bike

Bakcou Storm G2 Electric Hunting Bike

Are you looking for an electric hunting bike that is powerfully efficient? The Backou Storm G2 features the revolutionary innovation of the Smart Torque-Sensing motor. It allows you to modify the bike’s power from 750 watts to a maximum power output of 1500 watts. 

Designed to be the best electric hunting bike, it can cover up to a whopping 40 miles in only one charge. It is made possible by its 48 volts extended distance battery. Furthermore, the Backou Storm makes minimal noise, making it favorable for moving around the hunting grounds. Thus, it’s unlikely for your target to hear any noise out in the woods or the field.

What’s more, the Backou Storm comes with a number of gears and components that will support you down the trail. From its 300 load capacity to its incorporated LCD display, the Backou Storm will help you stay on top of your hunting game.

2020 Rambo Roamer 750W XC Electric Hunting Bike

2020 Rambo Roamer 750W XC Electric Hunting Bike

A fat tire ebike is the most reliable company for any hunting activities. The 2020 Rambo Roamer 750W XC highlights a solid and durable puncture-proof ebike designed for off-road and various terrains. With its top-notch components, you can ensure that it’s sturdy and can withstand even the worst of outdoor hunting conditions.

Along with its appealing finish, the Roamer 750W XC is also on top of its game when it comes to performance. It incorporates a reliable pair of 26-inch rims along with robust bike frame mounting points. Furthermore, it incorporates the Bafang BBSH02 High Torque Mid Drive 750-watt DC motor, making it superior when it comes to power.

Curious about the range? This bike has an excellent range of 19 miles. It doesn’t only allow you to cover distance but also with ease, with its convenient pedal assist. It enables you to carry heavy loads, which is a critical feature for any hunting bike.

Bakcou Mule Step Through Hunter Package

Bakcou Mule Step Through Hunter Package

The Backou Mule has been the best-selling electric hunting bike in the market for two years, and it’s no wonder why! With engineering centered around performance and power, you’ll surely fly like a beast in the field with this bike. It is possible with Bafang’s ULTRA mid-drive motor. 

Aside from power, the Mule Step Through is also superior when it comes to intelligence. The Mule Step Through model features a Smart Torque-Sensing motor with a max power of up to 1500 watts. These torque sensors allow you to receive continuous feedback on the bike’s performance, including speed, brake, shift, and cadence. 

This bike is heavy-duty and can carry up to 300 lbs. of load for all your hunting needs. As such, you won’t have to worry about damage from a heavy hunting load.

With the Backou Mule Step Through, you can rest assured that you will have a smooth and swift ride throughout.

Choose the Best

The bike you ride on the field can make or break your game. Hunting with ebike is slowly becoming a staple in the hunting world. After all, it is modern, innovative, convenient, and comes with many benefits. Indeed, electric hunting bikes are this generation’s modern way of hunting.

With a long list of e-hunting bikes available in the market, it’s crucial to choose the one that’s best for you. This bike will allow you to move swiftly aligned with your physical temperament in the hunting grounds. At the very least, it should feature powerful motors, a construction made for rough terrain, excellent range, and quiet performance.

As a hunter, your hunting bike is a significant part of you. No matter which e-hunting bike you go with, make sure you trust it in the field. We wish you a merry hunting experience with your new e-hunting bike! Shop electric hunting bikes here!

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