Make Hunting Easier with The Best Dog Breeds for Hunting

Whoof whoof! A dog’s calling you to hunt with him. 

A dog is more than a pet especially when you’re on a passionate hunting voyage. 

The chemistry between a hunter and a dog is unmatchable only if you know which dog breed is good for which type of hunting.

Grouse Hunting Dogs: English Setter

A reddish-brown grouse with a finely barred thick black tail is not an easy hunt unless you have a dog with running, pointing, and hunting qualities. 

When we look for these features in a dog, English Setter immediately pops up in mind. 

Grouse dogs must possess heightened olfactory abilities for sniffing, detecting, and spotting a self-guarding grouse. 

Thanks to English Setter for being the part grouse hunting.

Sea Duck Hunting Dogs: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Those pastel green and blue sea ducks are so cute and chubby I wonder who wants to roast them. 

Still, if those ducks do not soften your heart go wild and hunt them smartly without even letting them know. 

For hunting the sea ducks there are numerous techniques and one of them is to hunt with sea duck hunting dogs. 

With that being said, Chesapeake is a duck hunting dog, which is so rough and tough that you’ll forget about you’re hunting with a dog. 

This retriever dog can actively hunt through the gushing waters. Plus, they can perform all the hunting tasks in water during the toughest of conditions. 

Chesapeakes are tougher than the Labs. The thicker and oily fur of Chesapeakes helps them to repel water while the webbed feet assist them in swimming. 

The eagerness, passion for playing in the water, and vigilant mind make them suitable for duck hunting. 

Hence, being a trainer of a Chesapeake you must know when he’s being stubborn or when he is repudiating your commands. 

Training Chessies is entirely different in fact, more tricky than training a Labrador.

Duck Hunting Dogs: Labrador Retriever

Another duck hunting dog in our list, Labrador. You’ll mostly find Labradors wading their tails around you, making them the most friendly and family dogs than the rest. 

Surprisingly, Labs are equally good at hunting. Their playful nature and active behaviour make them mark, retrieve, and deliver water birds in your hands. 

Physical attributes of Lab are so relatable for hunting in water that you’ll start doubting your own hunting skills.

A double coat fur, webbed feet, compact muscular body, and thick otter-like tail makes them perfect for forcing them against water bodies. 

Intelligence is another key attribute, which makes Labradors stand out among the rest of the dog breeds. 

It’s interesting to know that Labs mature faster than other breeds, allowing them to actively participate in training sessions in the early stages. 

The prowess of Labrador is not only confined to be a great duck hunting dog. 

In fact, they can accompany you for hunting all day and coke back home and play with your kids without questioning their zeal and zest. 

Quail Hunting Dogs: Pointer

The English Pointer is a bird-obsessed, dedicated and speedy dog breed suitable for Quail Hunting. 

Pointers can hunt through the harshest conditions pushing themselves through the bushy, prickly, and thorny bites of topography. 

To beat the heat in the high temperature of Quail habitats, a thin coat of the Pointer does the magic. 

Pointers are the high energy dogs that dominate in the field hunting for decades. 

A pointer with the head and tail high in the air sighting for the birds in the field is the posture any hunter would appreciate. 

With that being said, this ability of the Pointers clearly reflects the training of its owner, which locks the dancing Quails for hunting. 

Turkey Hunting Dogs: Appalachian Turkey Dogs

For decades, hunters have been selectively training and breeding Appalachian turkey dogs to conduct specialized tasks. 

These Appalachian turkey dogs are a combo of setter, pointer, and Plott hound. Each of the dogs encounters unique attributes resulting in producing an exceptional Appalachian turkey dog. 

The Setters gives it an attribute of aesthetics and compliance while Pointers are accountable for giving it the qualities like stamina, speed, and prey drive.

Finally, Plott holds the features of desire to chase, track, and bark.

A Turkey hunter dog should be a runner that can pick on its prey with its strong sense of smell and sharp eyes to lock them on the flock of birds.

After locating the Turkeys, the howl of Appalachian turkey dogs gathers the flock of Turkeys at a single point. 

Once finished, the dog then returns to the hunter, curls up, and waits patiently for the next move of its owner.

Pheasant Hunting Dogs: English Springer Spaniel

The restless nature of pheasants elevates the challenge of hunting. Hence, to ease your pheasant hunting experience let the English Springer spaniel be your hunting companion. 

Springers Master in upland field hunting due to their finest behaviour and exuberant energy level that intimidate the pheasants. 

Although they are smaller in size contrasting to the Lab still, they find no difficulty in covering the ground with their copious energy. 

The retrieving instinct is much stronger than Pointing breeds, making it easy for them to catch a run-and-gun pheasant. 

With a strong sense of smell, springers are faithful and dedicated dogs that know how to please their owners.

Rabbit Hunting Dogs: Beagle

Hunting an energetic, hopping rabbit is a back-breaking job to do alone. Fortunately, Beagles are twice as energetic as rabbits during the hunting phase of rabbits. 

The incessant barking and baying of a Beagle leave no chance of letting go of the exciting bunnies.

They’re one of the finest canines to possess the best noses, making them the best detective dogs as well. 

After the Bloodhound breed of dogs, Beagles take the lead for encountering the best scenting abilities.

That unmatchable scenting quality coupled with speed and agility, make these beasts to hunt for brisk rabbits. 

Moreover, their barking tendency ensures that you never lose track of their site.

Hog Hunting Dogs: Dogo Argentino

Since the feral pigs have caused a loss of $1 billion to agriculture, Hog Hunting has become an essential part of the part hunting equation.

To do the job, Dogo Argentino gives a tough time to roaming hogs. 

That’s when the Dogos clasp the hogs from ears, sink their teeth and hold them tight until the hunter arrives. 

Dogos are powerful enough to beat the wildness of hunting as they are highly suitable for hotter climates and rugged territories. Argentinos are equally friendly, loyal and playful at home. 

You just need to know the fine line of training these dogs from being aggressive to being amiable in varying environments.

Coons Hunting Dogs: Treeing Walker Hound

Whether you want to hunt a cougar, bear, coyote, raccoon, or squirrel the Walker Hound has won the heart of many hunters around the globe. 

These all-around Walkers possess a great nose, prey drive, voice, speed, and curiosity to chase down everything on their way. 

Coon hunting is the patriarch of all the hounding sports, and it’s impossible to doubt the abilities of a Walker even for a coon hunting.

Without questioning their abilities to climb a tree you can easily expect them to hunt the Coons. 

Walkers are the descendants of foxhounds, bred in the U.S. With their tenacious stamina Walkers keep their houndsman in peace all night.

 Deer Hunting Dogs: American Foxhound

Very few dogs share a rich American history as the foxhound. Foxhounds were the breed of choice by George Washington, who is often ascribed as the leading figure of breeds. 

These dogs are as clever as a fox, making them equally good for both fox and deer hunting. 

For hunting deer, a dog must have plenty of stamina, never-ending energy, and a good smelling nose. Thankfully, an American foxhound qualified for all such attributes. 

Doug Howlett, one of the veteran outdoor writers fond of deer hunting once said, “American foxhounds will run through hell to get a deer or a fox for that matter.”

His statement clearly reflects the passion of American Foxhound for hunting a pack of deer. 

Bear Hunting Dogs: Plott Hound

To hunt a beast you need a beast. Here, we’re talking about Bears. 

For chasing a cunning black bear in their habitat you must own a smarter, tougher, and chivalrous dog. The Plott hound is the one, which possesses all such attributes. 

A muscular body, athletic behaviour, and a retaliating nature of Plott hounds enable them to conquer the quest of Bear hunting. Their short and cheerful barks let the hunters follow their direction. 

Whether it be a den or a long track of wooded hill Plott Hound can combat the pack of bears all alone. 

Wrapping Up:

Hunting the beasts alone is highly challenging but not when you have the right breed of a hunting dog.

And of course, training a hunting dog is a hard nut to crack but not when you know which breed needs what kind of training. 

Just be wise to pick the right breed for hunting different animals. Please re-read the article if you still doubt your knowledge. 

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