Battery for Outdoor Solar Lights: A Sustainable Clean Source

We call solar energy “the energy of the future” as it is one of the best ways to incorporate such a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of electricity. With the same energy, but clean, solar light radiates abundant and limitless sources of energy in our daily lives. 

People are looking to save a little bit of their money on their electricity bill every month by using solar lights. Those with big yards can also benefit from solar-powered outdoor lights. They eliminate long extension cords and usually don’t require any turning on or off.

Although some believe that it can’t work on a cloudy day or at night. Others think that solar-powered products aren’t that bright or powerful. These myths and allegations are untrue such as solar-powered products are powerful enough to brighten up your homes than those that work off the normal grid. Day or night, it serves the same function to its users, radiant and illuminating light. That is regardless of weather and without wires running all over the place.

Even though solar-powered products are created equally, and least of all, outdoor solar lights. There are some in the market that come in many forms, with many different material qualities, brightness and even modes. Some are made for security features to prevent any break-ins or burglary. Others, just for aesthetics.

Battery For Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar light batteries store power from the sun, or at least the sunlight it casts to the Earth. The photovoltaic arrays in the panels along with the battery for outdoor solar lights collect the sun’s rays and convert them into DC. The current is then stored in the rechargeable batteries to power up the lamps at dusk. Unlike other batteries, alkaline batteries derive their energy from zinc metal and manganese dioxide reaction that stores electricity. These batteries are not designed for recharging but limited only to single use.

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Lifespan of Outdoor Solar Light Batteries

The standard rechargeable battery for outdoor solar light on an average use lasts around 1-2 years. Although its actual lifespan can be more or less with the given years depending on your battery brand, type, and of course, quality. Most batteries for outdoor solar light will decrease in brightness after one year. When rechargeable solar light batteries are about to die, the quality of light they produce will considerably diminish. 

These batteries have charging ability and overall performance will eventually decline per year of usage. It would be best to replace the rechargeable batteries once they show their telltale signs of death. 

Batteries Serve as a Backup Power for Solar Lights

For instance, since the solar panels are connected to the power grid lines, you can still be able to operate these sustainable sources off-grid using batteries. These shall serve as a solar plus storage in creating a little energy island in your home in case of need. Even if the extreme weather or an utility shut off, you can still give light to your home.

How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Solar Lights?

There are a number of tips and ways on how to take care of outdoor solar lights and its batteries:

Firstly, turn the lights off during extreme weather to prevent any damages to the batteries in times of rainy and cloudy days. Secondly, store your solar lights inside during extreme weather and if possible, they must be stored in a place where they can still capture sunlight or house lighting so it could recharge. Lastly, keep your solar panels squeaky clean to ensure longer hours of illumination and better battery life. 

Surely, these batteries for outdoor solar lights will serve its purpose within years of convenience and cost-efficient spending. 

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